Many professionals have chosen ECO GAS® for one reason: the results. For reasons of confidentiality, we do not communicate a list. Nevertheless some customers wished to bring their testimony. They are listed below.


We are a mixed waste collection union. Our fleet consists of 40 vehicles. I knew ECO GAS® through a franchise dealer who contacted the mechanical workshop.

To reduce our consumption, we had already trained our drivers in eco driving. We are also working on optimizing our tours. We had previously tried a fuel treatment but it was less efficient than ECO GAS®.

We have been using ECO GAS® since 2015. Our goal was primarily to reduce our consumption. We saw a reduction in consumption of almost 5% on the park. We use the product in private diesel tanks. It’s easy of use.

We are satisfied, it is a good product.

Frédéric CARLET


Already knowing the existence of additive products, I wanted to try ECO GAS® out of curiosity. The results are between 5 and 6% in our case for the lowering of consumption. In summary, the implementation is simple and the financial savings are there. I recommend the solution.



I knew ECO GAS® in FNTR Technical Commission. Our aim was to reduce our consumption and to integrate this action in the framework of the CO2 Objective Charter. We have seen a reduction in consumption of around 5.5% in the fleet.

I recommend the ECO GAS® solution.

Charles PERRIN

Chamber of Agriculture of the Marne

ECO GAS®, is a solution adapted to the problems of the GNR, for the agricultural […] sector in particular to keep the GNR beyond 6 months, we advise the use of biocides as long as it will not contain them at the moment of its delivery. The ECO GAS® additive is part of this logic. […]

In the field of performance, although the test rigs are recent tractors, we are seeing an improvement in engine performance with the ECO GAS® additive. At equal power, the specific consumption decreases by a certain percentage. This improvement can be even more remarkable on older machines because ECO GAS® helps to restore engine performance, particularly through the “de-fouling” action.

In our measurements, there was no negative effect on the performance of the engines tested. […] Whatever the “carburizing” advantage of the ECO GAS® additive with GNR, it will in any case contribute to the preservation of fuel against bacteria and water.



The company Transportheer, a signatory of the CO2 charter has to its credit 3 trucks out of 4 that run with ECO GAS®. We have known ECO GAS® thanks to the initiative of a commercial. We appreciated the 6-month follow-up of the sales representative on our activity, we chose ECO GAS® especially for the maintenance of our vehicles as well as for the decrease in consumption which rose by 15% over the observation period .

No other solution has been tested before and today we use the product with each full vehicle.

We therefore recommend ECO GAS®, we are very satisfied with the product.

Blandine THEER